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I am here for you to grow and transform into an authentic self-defined leader, so you can relax into the peace that comes from having lived true to who you really are.

I have fierce courage to walk my own path, and will call you forth to walk yours with respect, heart and wisdom.

Life has given me circumstances to find my path many times.

In my teens I discovered the liberation of being able to walk 50 miles around a stunning 14,000ft peak with a group of girls and women, and in discovering my confidence to physically and mentally complete such a journey with enthusiasm, I knew that wilderness adventure would be an essential part of my life.  

In my 20’s I was injured in a car accident that left me in constant back pain, and knee instability.

Being told that I would never backpack or ski again was devastating.

This led to a path of physical healing through lifestyle change that included and yoga and simplifying. 

On that path, I discovered how resilient the body is.

I ended up becoming a ski patroller, and an Outward Bound Instructor, leading groups on 23 day Wilderness Leadership courses—carrying a heavy backpack, of course!

From Head to Body

Consulting projects in strategic development and organizational change appeared, but my heart just wasn’t in the consulting field. Letting go of all that I had invested in that path was hard, but I knew I had to move on. 

The next path was becoming a certified Pilates Instructor and opening a studio.

Over a decade and a half, more than 20 instructors came to share their talents, and I led apprentices in 9-month journeys of becoming Pilates teachers.  Together, we supported hundreds of people in health and discovering their bodies had the strength and flexibility to do things they never imagined possible.

Coaching notably enhanced the healing process and a new direction started to blossom, as a newfound sense of satisfaction starting taking root with helping others along their path of fulfillment in this way.

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From Body to Heart

Divorce, internal health challenges, and changes at the studio required me to make some difficult decisions.

Feeling compelled to take action in great uncertainty was intense.

My coach was an invaluable support as that path led to an exploration of new internal terrain that was emotional and yet very insightful.

What I discovered was an inner freedom and peace that was both profound and light-hearted.

There is now a greater resilience and ability to dance in “harmonious tension” with the necessary polarities that create life’s experience, and an acceptance that “not knowing” is just part of having a full and rich life.

In this next evolution of heart-felt service to my community, a new vision has emerged: "Fulfillment in every home, and your world in harmony.”

You can read more about what this means in the post, Living Wholeness. I look forward to celebrating you and your life on one of the many paths of life’s great adventures.