“Everyone is the architect of their own happiness.”     — Joseph Pilates


Joseph Pilates created a system of movement that he defined as, "The complete coordination of body, mind and spirit."  Teaching the Pilates Method of exercise for 16 years immersed me in a perspective that a strong core comes from "whole" body movement, and we each have to take responsibility for our health and lifestyle.   

The idea that "core" and "wholeness" go together expanded as I trained to become a Transformative Life Coach.  At our core there are also values, life purpose, dreams, and an open heart to life. Everyone has their own idea of what "happiness" is, and transformative coaching is about supporting people to discover through their own direct experience, what it means to honor themselves and build a life that is fulfilling on all levels - a life that is connected at the core, and honors their "whole" life. 

Life has a way of calling us forth to grow and meet new challenges. Dreams, values, purpose, relationships, jobs, lifestyles all shift as the river of life carries us onward, whether we are ready or not. The path forward has many unknowns, and sometimes we are unsure of where we are going, what is really important now, and how to move forward. 


Knowledge and expertise are great, but heartfelt connection is priceless


Life is full of change, and sometimes things go our way, and sometimes they don't. Tools and techniques are helpful in navigating life, but at a deeper level, it is our consciousness that guides us in how to use the tools appropriately. 

Transformative Life Coaching is about shifting the perception of how one views oneself and life's circumstances, and practical tools naturally come from the flow of our sessions.     

Exquisitely simple techniques exist to allow the life affirming energy held in the heart to flow more freely and meet life as it is. Doing so gives heightened clarity for appropriate action that benefits the best and highest good of all.

Transformative Life Coaching is about mindfully discovering what it means to lead a life of self-empowered action.  You'll apply ancient wisdom through your own direct experience and together, we’ll find the tools that work best for you.

The next step is simple and easy

Let's connect through a free 30-minute Core-Connected Living conversation that honors and acknowledges the life you've had and shines a light forward. You'll leave with an empowering tool that supports you in living as the truth of what you really are. 

"I’m totally comfortable taking the lid off with Kim, so that whatever is in my heart, light or dark, spills out to be looked at.  She helps me identify what matters and her acknowledgement of my progress is critical to my life expression." — Judy C. in Telluride, CO


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