Custom Personal RetreatS

Personal retreats have a powerful effect on transformation by using the external physical environment to energetically support what is being navigated in the inner realms of body, mind and spirit.   


The essence of who we are is with us wherever we go.  


Getting out of auto-pilot mode and into the learning zone in a non-typical setting allows habitual beliefs to release and new neural pathways to form – new inner pathways that help us be more effective along the path to fulfillment.


  • Snowshoeing or hiking to transform your ability to make decisions in times of uncertainty with courage and clarity.   

  • At the hot springs to release tension, practice meditation and other self-care energy practices to build your tool kit to stay healthy and fit along the journey. 

  • An inspiring space in your home or elsewhere to journal, refine your vision, develop a self-led embodiment practice or a customized ceremony to honor a rite of passage.  

  • Empty your bucket list.  We can co-create your dream transformation vacation anywhere in the world.

There are infinite possibilities of time, place and content customized to achieve your desired outcome. Retreats can last from 1-30 days.  Let’s collaborate and create a cocoon of mindfully directed energy for the sake of achieving your fulfillment vision. 

"Kim has an incredible blend of both softly holding space for whatever unfolds and also fiercely, lovingly holding your highest truth present for you. The way she shows up is so nurturing and grounding, and I always end our sessions feeling reassured about what I'm capable of and what I'll do next. The best way I can describe Kim's coaching is that she has a light touch and deep impact. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with Kim if you're looking to evolve using soulful reflection and also achieve actionable, deeply personal change." — Iris Rankin, Breckenridge, CO