Embodied Practice

We experience life through the body.  90 minute Private Embodiment Sessions are available to support your physical body and energetic systems to integrate the posture, strength and flexibility of who you are becoming and what you are doing.  This work also fills your personal energy reservoirs so you can be resilient and agile along the path to fulfillment. 

In my Ridgway studio, your session will include personalized movement coaching so you discover new ways of physically moving to achieve your physical aspirations, and energy healing to remove blockages so movement becomes more fluid and easier.  


Mr. Pilates was a visionary promoting whole body movement and whole body health. His core principles of concentration, centering, control, flow, precision, and breath are a firm foundation upon which to create the type of body you want.  After dedicating 16 years of full time focus on The Pilates Method, I deeply respect the way Pilates equipment and mat work transforms people to feel confident in the world.


"My ability to serve women and provide general community service the way that I want to serve has been made possible through over a decade of Pilates with Kim. It’s a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual engagement that helps me fulfill my personal goals." — Karen Zink, founder of SW Women’s Health, Durango, CO


Qi Gong

Qi Gong is another holistic practice that integrates posture, movement, breathing, self-massage, sound and focused intent.

Qi means “vital energy” and Gong means “skill cultivated through steady practice”. This work opens the flow of energy in the meridians used in Chinese medicine and enhances our ability to feel the Life force underlying the physical world and deepen our communication with it.